Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Six Apart's Mena Trott on Vox

I saw Vox profiled on TechCrunch. It looks like a great application with super timing as MySpace and Facebook continue to have issues. Wired interviewed Mena Trott, co-founder of Six Apart.

From the interview:

"Wired News: What is Vox and why did it come into existence?

Mena Trott: It's really a service intended for small group communication. We started working on this about two years ago. It was intended to be the next generation of TypePad, but when we started to think about it, TypePad was really a product for professional bloggers. We realized both TypePad and Vox could stand alone as unique offerings from us.

WN: What are the key features that make Vox tick?

MT: A real attention to privacy and control, which allows you to feel that you have a lot of flexibility in who can see your stuff. And then the ability to play well with other web services. We integrate well with Flickr, YouTube, Amazon, Photobucket and iFilm -- all those services that people are already using online and don't really have one place to gather it all."

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