Wednesday, November 15, 2006

SocialText Press Conference in WoW

I guess this is legit but either way its pretty funny.

Ross Mayfield:

"To further advance the state of the art, the next Socialtext press conference will be held in World of Warcraft.
  • Time: December 1st, 5pm server time
  • Location: Goldshire, Elwynn Forrest, Eitrigg Server
  • Rules of Order:
    • No ninjas.
    • Questions will only be taken from journalists in PvP mode
    • We have developed means of determining if you are a Chinese Gold Farmer, so do not outsource your participation
    • Safe passage will be provided to Horde characters, but your questions may be lost in translation
    • Keep your armor on, do not /dance unless you are an orc, use of other emotes are encouraged
    • If the spokesperson is not forthcoming, you may duel for information
    • Those that survive the experience will gain 1 gold piece and a Socialtext tabard"


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