Tuesday, January 16, 2007

NBC's Smokin' Aces Second Life Assassin (UPDATE)

This is so cool, via eightbar. Even though I can't get any of the SLurls to work and there is nothing about registration in the Peacock Room, its still great.

NBC is promoting its upcoming movie, Smokin Aces, with a game in Second Life.

Its basically a big game of in world tag, with real L$ as bounty.

From the site:

"Beginning January 17th, players can join Smokin' Aces: Second Life® Assassin by visiting the Nomad Hotel in Second Life® to pick up game instructions, a hitlist, and weaponry. Think you can smoke Buddy "Aces" Israel? First, you gotta rub out the competition."

UPDATE: If you search "Nomad" in the classifieds it returns, "Smokin' Aces Second Life Assassin" (SLurl) with a "cost" of 40,000. I tried to teleport but its closed till tomorrow I guess.

The game:
  • "Hunting
    • Targets: The player begins with a contract for 5 hits. The hits are other players in the SASLA game—anywhere in Second Life®. As long as a player is wearing the HUD they are considered actively participating in the game. While actively participating in the game, a player’s location is reported to anyone with that player on his or her hit list. This report will not provide exact X,Y,Z coordinates within Second Life®, but will instead provide the sim name, which narrows the location down to a 16 acre square. When the target is located the two players engage in combat.
    • Contracts: Each player will begin with five potential hits. After a hit is accomplished, the assassin will assume his or her prey’s hit list (in addition to their original targets)—giving them more potential targets.
  • Bounty
    • Game points are acquired by defeating targets, amount of time spent playing Smokin' Aces: Second Life® Assassins, and by inhabiting the Nomad Hotel or Virtual NBC Headquarters.
    • Each player will start with a 100 point bounty. With each hit accomplished, the assassin will gain his/her prey’s total point bounty, the addition of their hit list, their weaponry, and all of their power-ups. Active time spent playing the game, and active time spent in Smokin’ Aces Headquarters and Virtual NBC Headquarters will also increase a player’s bounty. o If a player is "killed", their current day’s point bounty will reset back to 100 points and they will start from scratch with the game’s default weaponry."
The Prize:

"L$1,000,000 will be divided among all winning assassins. The top four assassins with each day’s highest bounty/points accumulation (the “Daily Prize Winners”) will receive a total of L$50,000 as follows: 1st Place: L$20,000; 2nd Place: L$15,000; 3rd Place: L$10,000, 4th Place: L$5,000). On the final day of the game, (1/26/07) there will be no Daily Prize Winner. Instead, the grand prize of L$300,000 will be awarded to the game’s top 3 assassins (the “Grand Prize Winners”): 1st Place: L$150,000, 2nd Place: L$100,000, 3rd Place: L$50,000). Prizes have no estimated retail value."

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