Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tribune's local sites: Metromix

More local websites from traditional media.

From Lost Remote:

"Tribune just took the wraps off, a “fresh and dynamic new site for young and socially active Angelenos looking for the latest in pop culture, local trends and the newest spots to hit on the scene.” New York is next, and Tribune plans to roll out similar sites across all of its newspaper markets. You may recognize the Metromix brand — it launched in Chicago a decade ago, and Metromix sites already exist in Orlando and Baltimore."

From the press release:

“Our database is deep and current, with nearly 7,000 listings for LA restaurants, bars and clubs, as well as reviews, features, neighborhood guides, trend pieces, blogs and video tours,” said Deborah Vankin. “We have an incredible team of writers-editors who not only know the scene, but are very much of it and will provide true insider coverage — on everything from underground art events to off-the-radar sample sales to how best to get past the ubiquitous velvet rope."

"Metromix is an exciting, new online addition to our portfolio of products, directly engaging younger users and local advertisers in a targeted way," said Robertson Barrett, general manager of and vice president of the Los Angeles Times Media Group. "With this launch, we're bringing L.A. an intuitive search engine and great writing by some of the best young talent in town."

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