Monday, December 12, 2005

College Students will watch Mobile Ads...for money

The J school at Ball State conducted a survey of 669 students and shockingly found that students would be will to watch ads on thier call phone in exchange for money.

From Celluar News:

"Students are showing less resistance to receiving ads on their cell phones, but they still want to be able to control the amount and type of ads they receive," Michael Hanley, an assistant professor of advertising in the journalism departmen,t said. "When we asked them what it would take to accept ads, they told us freebies or money. The pay-per-ad option got the best response."

Also from the survey:
  • About 96 percent have a cell phone.
  • Nearly 70 percent have cell phones with Internet access.
  • Twenty percent have received a cell ad from a person or business they did not know.
  • Only one-third of students who received cell phone ads were annoyed to get an advertisement, down from 92 percent from the previous study.
  • About 55 percent are less likely to purchase a product from a business sending a cell phone ad.
  • Nearly 66 percent of the students would accept cell phone ads if they were paid to receive them.



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