Thursday, December 08, 2005

GaTech Mobile Technologies Group

Across the street the kids at GaTech are bringing it. Check out the projects page. I like this one: Storyscape.

"News! This project has officially been selected for and funded by the Art in Freedom Park public art exhibition, and will be exhibited in Atlanta beginning May 1, 2005.

Storyscape is an unique urban experiment in community storytelling. From October through December, 2004, hundreds of orange stickers bearing the question "You are here... Why?" were placed throughout the city of Atlanta, from coffeehouses to park benches to public restrooms.

We invite the greater Atlanta community to share their stories with us using their cellular phones, either via SMS or voicemail. By dialing in, you will be contributing to a unique, dynamically growing collection of stories being generated by hundreds of people all over the city of Atlanta."



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