Monday, December 05, 2005

Activision and Neilsen release results of In-game advertising study

The study reveals that in-game advertisements increase drive and recall but also introduces "pervasiveness" which contributes to the overall effectiveness of branding campaigns.

"All media can claim to drive some level of awareness, but until now, no other media type has been able to reliably prove its ability to change consumer opinion," said Robert A. Kotick, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Activision. "As this study shows, video games are a powerful ad delivery medium. But the challenge for the industry has been to develop a pervasive unit of measurement that will enable advertisers to accurately gauge the effectiveness of in-game ads. With this research, we have taken a major step in that direction."

The study outlines two levels of ad integration:
  * Unique Object and Game Elements -- Unique brand
integration that incorporates in-game interstitials,
video footage, audio cues and branded storyline
elements that serve as goals of the game.

* Brand Presence -- Billboards, banners, bus shelter
signs, hanging signs and 3D objects, including
beverage machines, store fronts, buses with signage
and blimps



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