Monday, November 28, 2005

Danny Hillis: Perennial Badass

Kind of off topic but I am a big fan of Danny. According to a recent site visit by John Battelle, he is up to some cool stuff. Danny and his partner, Bran Ferren, started a company called Applied Minds. You will not find much on the site but John has a good run down of some of the projects they are working on as does this June 05 article from Wired and this October article in Newsweek.

My favorite quote from the Wired article: "This is where the secret laboratories are," Hillis said.

If you think Google Earth is cool (and I do) check out TouchTable.

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Blogger Nick said...

TouchTable looks awesome!
However, I believe the software that they are running for their demos is a modified version of NASA WorldWind. It is really amazing if you have not played with it yet.

November 30, 2005  
Blogger daniel davenport said...

Hey Nick

Thanks for the head's up on WorldWind - it *is* really cool!


November 30, 2005  
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