Monday, November 21, 2005

Mobile Marketing from MobHappy

The other Russell has a great article called "Wither Mobile Marketing." As you can tell, I am moving fast today so just a few quick pull quotes:

"Mobile marketing is nowhere near mainstream yet, despite some big brands flirting with the medium and a load of specialist agencies attempting to corner the market."

"The marketing industry itself is still wedded to the interruptive marketing model - whether we're talking about interrupting your TV programme, your film, your web surfing, your email time, your shopping trip (with in-store displays, on-pack promotions et al), your life (direct mail) - I could go on, almost endlessly."

"So the key to success in this new channel will be for marketers to ask themselves how they can add value to what the user is doing at that time. In the same way that AdWords help the searcher, how can the marketer help the mobile user or enhance their mobile experience or indeed, their lives at that moment?"

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