Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lost on the Mac

For various reasons I don't have a TV at my house anymore, but I was already into the Lost show. So last night I bought the Nov 9th episode on iTunes. My geek friends laughed at me for paying for it but I like to support legal digital alternatives.

So, having bought a couple of songs through iTunes I was already set with a user/pass. I was expecting a really long download for a 43min video but it all happened in about 15min! I pulled up the video, expanded it to the full extend my little powerbook could display and watched the show. It was a great experience.

As far as the economics go I paid 2 bucks for a show that I will really only watch once. With a song, like Brides of Neptune or Guarded by Monkeys, that I will listen to, oh, maybe a million times, 99 cents is a great deal. So is 2 bucks too much? Not for me. If you consider that I would pay around 50-75 dollars for cable access, that's about 37 individual shows per month. Shows that I *want* to watch. Good stuff.