Friday, November 04, 2005

Mobinet 2005: ATKearney

AT Kearney has released a great research report, Mobinet 2005: Raising the Stakes.

A couple of pull quotes:

The Good
"Similarly, penetration of data-enabled, multimedia phones has increased to 53 percent, with 56 percent of multimedia phone owners actually using it to browse their operator's portal, the internet or to access mobile email, and doing so at least once a month. This number stands in stark contrast to the 36 percent of users who used these services in 2004. And although music downloads and email are beginning to make a noticeable contribution, more recent services, such as streaming video, have still not generated meaningful revenues."

The Bad
"However, the study also reveals that the marketing of new data services —for example, through pricing packages or improved user experience —significantly lags technology development. Without adequate marketing strategies a large section of the market remains focused on purchasing basic voice services at the lowest price possible."

The whole report is worth spending some time with - plus lots of great graphs!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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