Friday, November 04, 2005

New Location Based Mobile Games

MocoNews has a great round up of some new mobile games. Following on my earlier thoughts here are three that seem to have incorporated location based data to provide a uniquely phone-centric gaming experience.

Shoot me if you can: Two teams where each players tried to take a picture of the other team and send it to them - tag, you are it.

Ibiza Game: "You control one of the three main characters to work the crowds, get free access to the best clubs, be invited to the most exclusive parties, or get that special someone... The game allows you to act freely, but keep in mind its AYOR!! Bummers (club coppers, too wasted, no money…) may get on the way to reach your goal of becoming the leader of the pack!"

AVACS Business Life: "Playing the game enables you to perceive the details of stock exchange games, to evaluate the merits and demerits of the banking system, to feel the advantages of expensive though healthy life style. You can afford yourself either simple Ford or exclusive Ferrari, to buy a mansion and to have a rest on a yacht. At the same time you have to care for food supply, to buy high-quality clothes, to rest and restore your health in opportunely. And of course you must settle the accounts and pay taxes." {ED: not sure it there is a LB core aspect but it still seems cool.}

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