Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Another MOT rant

I have a new MOT Exx phone. Where to start? So many pieces of content are device specific - why not put the product name on the phone somewhere? I tried to figure out which model I have from the MOT site - good luck. I can get it from my Verizon page but still.

So, to focus on a new bad thing let's talk about the speaker phone function. On Nokia phones when you already are on a call a item on the screen lets you select "loudspeaker." Very straighforward - push a button on the top next to the icon and you get the speaker phone. Want to turn it off? The same button lets you "loudspeaker off." What could be more simple - its an On/Off selection.

On my shiny, heavy MOT phone one of the side buttons turns the speaker phone on - I still can't figure out which one because after pressing all of the buttons none turn the speaker phone off. I hit the button about 10% of the time I try and flip open my phone to answer a call. As an extra bonus the speaker phone sounds like a metal band in the first few minutes of sound check.

To toggle the speaker phone you have to dig into the "settings," "initial set up," and look for speakerphone. When you click on it you get two options - "Always on," and "20 sec timeout." You have to wait - for 20 seconds - for the speakerphone to turn off. I really hate that. Whatever happened to On and Off?


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