Monday, November 28, 2005

Oliver Starr: A Change is in the Air

Oliver got some ink in the Financial Times with his article, "A Change is in the Air." The whole article is great and points to the rapid growth of the mobile sector and the ways in which it will impact everyday interactions.

"Suddenly we can be there without going anywhere. We have consolidated our ability to transact business, access key files, even unlock the doors to our homes and offices into this remarkable device called the mobile handset but which I believe is rapidly becoming far more than that."

Being able to conduct business and personal relationships from anywhere is a big deal. As travel becomes more and more difficult and expensive I believe more people will rely on mobile and web technologies and get much of the same benefits as being there. So its not just about making phone calls. As Oliver states,

"But here's the best part; "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet"! Mark my words. This is just the beginning of a period of technological expansion and innovation that will make the Internet Bubble seem like it was blown by a 6th grader with a package of gum."

I believe that as well. So much so that I moved back to Atlanta, re-joined the company I started back in the nineties and have been trying to focus on the Third Screen!



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