Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Limelife studies on women, cell phones and games

Limelife has released a study on what women want from mobile content. Highlights from MocoNews:
  • The mobile phone initially serves as a “private line” for girls 16-17 then evolves to an “always with me connected buddy” during college years, gradually becoming more functional and ultimately beginning to serve as a “command central” for working moms and women pursuing careers.
  • Games are second only to ringtones for desired mobile downloads among women.
  • 67% of those surveyed showed strong interest in wallpapers made from “Photos I Take.” Further, the use of ringtones as “caller ID” identifiers is also representative of the importance of customization and personalization in mobile content for younger women. 69% of women surveyed, aged 18-22, have already downloaded one or more ringtones.
  • Women have a very strong interest in mobile applications that function as reminders, such as alerts, and help them be more productive and efficient as they multitask throughout their typical day. 70% of those surveyed were interested in reminders for things like doctor’s appointments, beating out even birthday reminders with 66% interest.
Lifelime CEO, Kristin Asleson McDonnell tells Dean Takashi of of the San Jose Mercury News, why she started the company: "The fact was, none of us was inspired by the mobile games and applications available. While we appreciate technology, it’s got to be fun and useful - it should entertain us and make us laugh, connect us with friends, manage our time, and help us live better."

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