Friday, December 09, 2005

Coke talks about Mobile Marketing

David Murphy, editor of Mobile Marketing Magazine, attended the 2005 MobileMarketing conference in the UK. He pulls a highlight for us:

But for my money, the most telling comment of the morning came from Coca-Cola Marketing Manager James Eadie. He sounded an optimistic note, saying:

"Mobile marketing could be phenomenally important, if you look at the penetration figures for handsets, and the passion for it. As a way of connnecting with our audience, it ought to be phenomenally powerful, and through that lens, we ought to be spending 50% of our budget on it."

Before any of the agency personnel present had time to mob Eadie, however, he added:

"Until such time as the digital platform can help us connect emotionally with consumers,in the way we can with a 30-second TV commercial, we are always going to struggle."

When Mobile Marketing asked Eadie when this emotional connection he seeks might be achievable via the mobile channel he told us:

"It could be next year, it could be next decade, it could be never."

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