Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Verizon LBS Navigation: VZ Navigator

" Verizon Wireless Introduces VZ Navigator, Providing Location-Based Service For Consumers"

From the press release:

"VZ NavigatorTM (is) a new tool for customers that gives them access to a wide array of Location Based Services (LBS) options, including mapping, audible turn-by-turn navigation and the ability to find over 14 million points of interest.

Initially available on the new Motorola V325, VZ Navigator is perfect for road warriors who are constantly on-the-go, allowing them to see a map of their current location or an address in the U.S., locate places such as restaurants, gas stations, banks and other points-of-interest relative to their location, plus hear turn-by-turn navigation with audible voice directions to an address in the U.S. VZ Navigator will help Verizon Wireless customers get to where they are going, easily and efficiently.

With VZ Navigator, customers get all the features of an advanced navigation system on their mobile phone at a fraction of the price of other GPS devices and systems. VZ Navigator is available in the getGOING shopping aisle of the Get It Now virtual store beginning today for $9.99 for unlimited monthly access, or $2.99 for 24-hour use. Customers can download the application directly to their Motorola V325."

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