Friday, February 24, 2006

Jupiter Research on MySpace

ABC has an interview with a Jupiter Reseach guy talking about the popularity of MySpace.

From the article:

"Certainly there are a large amount of people spending a large amount of time on this site," said Nate Elliot, an analyst for Jupiter Research. "When you look at the huge numbers they throw out there — 50 [million], 60 million registered users — those are a mirage."

"They're promoting the number that is most advantageous for them to promote, but the simple fact is that only a fraction of the registered users ever go back," said Elliot. "And only a fraction of them use the site on any kind of regular basis, and then another fraction of them are responsible for the traffic."

"Once you start showing up in Newsweek, and one of the largest media companies in the world pays half billion dollars for you, it's kind of hard to maintain that 'street cred,'" he explained. "Kids will find something else that has street cred and move on to that, and I don't know what that is and if I did, the fact that I knew about it, would probably kill it."



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