Thursday, February 23, 2006

Penthera Raises $6.5M

Via alarm:clock, Penthera raises $6.5.

From the post:

"Pittsburgh, PA-based Penthera has just raised a first round at $6.5M for its broadcast mobile video middleware and application-level software, which sits on the broadcast head-end and on handheld devices. Penthera has trade-marked the term Virtual Set-Top Box, which sounds cool. One of its investors, Modeo, is a broadcaster that will roll-out the product towards the end of this year."

From the press release:

"Penthera is uniquly positioned to lead the software segment of the emerging broadcast mobile video market," said Bilge Ogut, a Warburg Pincus managing director. "Their integration with Modeo's U.S. broadcast network is a remarkable achievement and demonstrates Penthera's extensive technical breadth and competence."

From Penthera:

"Penthera Technologies, Inc. provides industry-leading, mobile broadcast software solutions end-to-end so that broadcasters, OEMs, ODMs, and network operators can offer differentiated, revenue-generating, rich media services such as live TV, video and audio programs.

Pentheraâ„¢ offers patent-pending middleware and application-level software and services on a global basis. The software suite supports a broad range of multi-vendor platforms including broadcast head-end servers and mobile devices such as handsets, PDAs, laptops, and in-vehicle entertainment systems. The Penthera products exploit the natural benefits of a one-to-many, always-on, infinitely-scalable broadcast channel."

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