Wednesday, February 22, 2006

DVB-H 3GSM Favorite

From Electronics Weekly, industry leaders see DVB-H as the clear favorite for mobile TV.

From the article:

“DVB-H is going to be the big one. The prediction is it’s going to have 40-50 per cent of the market,” said Berardino Baratta, a general manager at Freescale Semiconductor. “The traditional operators are going to license access.”

Gertjan Kaat, senior vice-president for mobile and personal at Philips Semiconductors, thought that, in future, there would be fewer technologies. “DVB-H is by far supported by the biggest community, it has the highest support,” said Kaat, who believes the mobile phone network will not be able to cope with TV.

“There’s a belief in the market that 3G and EDGE can have video-on-demand, but the base stations won’t be able to handle the capacity,” said Freescale’s Baratta. “All the next-generation technologies have to be good at voice; and DVB-H as a separate network doesn’t risk voice.”

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