Tuesday, February 21, 2006

WSJ on Brightcove

There is a good article (subscription required) in today's WSJ about Brightcove.

From the article:

"Reuters is moving faster than other media companies partly because it doesn't have to worry about cable- or satellite-TV operators. Its video footage and reports are sold mostly to TV networks and online sites. "That gives us a little more latitude in the consumer media space," says Stephen Smyth, a Reuters vice president.

To reach its audience in as many forums as possible, Reuters is syndicating through Brightcove 20 video news stories, which are rotated often, to bloggers, small newspapers and other Web sites. Each affiliate site plays the videos on an embedded Brightcove player that features the Reuters brand. Mr. Smyth says these smaller media properties are going to be an important way of attracting consumers as the traditional media audience fragments."

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