Monday, February 20, 2006

Warners Bros goes D2C

Variety has an article up with an interview of Justin Richardson, director of wireless business development for Europe.

From the article:

Warner Bros. said Thursday that it will start its own mobile Internet site to distribute TV, video and even films to cell phone users -- a move that lessens the company's reliance on cellular carriers.

Warner has been selling through mobile operators, who put bits of content like ringtones and pictures onto their carrier "decks," or portals as they're known in Europe.

The operators typically get about a 50% share of the retail price, which is acceptable to Warner on pure mobile content like ringtones but not good enough for Warner's traditional film and TV fare, Richardson said.

Off-portal, also known as "direct to consumer," was a hot theme at the conference, which ended Thursday and featured a strong mobile-entertainment theme."

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