Friday, February 17, 2006

The Oasys of Pherotones

Oasys Mobile is getting a ton of buzz (with the right people?) over its Pherotones campaign.

From the NY Times article:

"But rather than the revolutionary product that Pherotones promised, the ads were the beginning of a buzz marketing campaign under the guise of a fake product (Pherotones) and a fake doctor (Dr. Myra Vanderhood) with a fake Web site (, all for a real client with less than $250,000 to spend.

And the planners of buzz marketing campaigns often say that in order to reach the modern multitasking consumer — who may be simultaneously watching television, talking on a cellphone, reading the Internet and sending instant messages — advertising must be a two-way conversation to have an effect.

"The consumers in that target demographic do not want in-your-face marketing," said Gary Ban, the chief executive for Oasys Mobile. "We wanted something that was risqué, funny and something that involves the consumer. If you're doing something that they can identify with, that they can participate in, that's basically something that that generation can tune into."



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