Thursday, February 16, 2006

MySpace on Helio: Update

In what must be a blow to Amp'd, MySpace launches in an exclusive deal on Helio.

From MocoNews:

"The “MySpace Mobile On Helio” will leverage the devices’ advanced capabilities to keep MySpace members connected to their network through mail, bulletins, profiles, blogs and photo galleries, the company said."

From the press release:

"The mobile service will offer a look, feel and overall customer expereince that are true to the online MySpace environment while optimizing it for mobile including:
  • Mailbox: Ability to read and write MySpace mail from your Helio device
  • Bulletin: Send messages to all your friends anytime, anywhere from your Helio device
  • Blogs: Read and write blogs on-the-go without a PC
  • Photos: View photos on friend's profiles optimized for your Helio screen
  • Profiles: View profiles and add new friends as you meet them directly from your Helio device.

The service will also enhance the overall MySpace expereince with new features and content sources including:
  • Photo posting directly from a Helio device so expereinces are shared as they happen
  • Added photo storage capacity exclusively for Helio members
  • A mobile online status indicator in a user profile for those online via a Helio device

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