Tuesday, February 14, 2006

CNN Enhanced TV Reviews

From Lost Remote, CNN Ehanched TV launches on Dish.

"CNN's air takes up a quarter of the screen with real-time information from CNN.com occupying the rest. "The ideal interactive experience is one that actually enhances the viewing of the linear network, so you aren't tuning away from the linear network and are increasing time spent viewing it," said Kevin Cohen, SVP of strategic planning for Turner Broadcasting Systems."

From MediaBistro (
Screen shot courtesy of):

The service is CNN's "first major one-screen interactive TV application that runs along with its regular CNN linear cable channel to 11 million EchoStar customers outfitted with ITV-capable set-top boxes," according to TV Week.

In the future: "Users will be able to access the CNN Enhanced TV application whenever they tune into CNN/U.S. located on channel 200. There is no additional fee to DISH Network subscribers for access to CNN Enhanced TV."

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