Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Umair Haque on MySpace

Umair is a big commentator on edge competency. He takes a look at MySpace in this post:

"All of which begs a few very interesting questions, since it's going to be the first time big media has really tried to capture a share of the value created by a community at the edge:

0) The philosphical question: is the strategy about milking the community's social capital (and killing it), or treating it with the care it needs?

1) Will they be traditional (lame) ads? Not recommended.

2) Will they try and seed the community with flacks? Extremely not recommended.

3) Will they leverage the community itself = the snowball effect? Recommended.

4) Will they choose the right companies to work with? It looks a little dubious from that list. Nike meets Myspace goths? That's exactly what everyone was afraid Fox would do with Myspace!!

999) Is advertising (traditional) really the revenue stream with the greatest returns from Myspace? Will Fox use this as a platform to redefine advertising for an ultraconnected era? Will Fox clue in to the commoditization of meaning?"



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