Wednesday, February 15, 2006

TechDirt Reviews Senate Muni Wireless

From the post:

"In a Senate hearing on municipal broadband efforts today we learned a whole lot of nothing. Basically, Senators who have already stated a position for or against municipal broadband stuck by what they've said before. Speakers at the hearing favored one side or the other, but didn't appear to say anything even remotely original. Those on the fence? Well, it appears they remained on the fence. In other words, a whole lot of nothing was accomplished that could have been accomplished months ago, if Senators had gone out and read some of the news and blog coverage of the whole debate that's been going on for quite some time."

From CNET:

"For some at Wednesday's hearing, the answer was clear: If the nation hopes to pull up its worldwide ranking in broadband deployment, the federal government must step in and protect the rights of municipalities to build their own broadband networks. "As we work to reach the goal of universal broadband, we must open new doors, not slam them shut," said Sen. Frank Lautenberg, a New Jersey Democrat."



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