Thursday, February 16, 2006

MySpace and Verizon: Calling All Bands

From Wireless Week:

"Verizon Wireless and MySpace are launching the "Calling All Bands" contest where one lucky unsigned band will get the chance to launch their career on a wireless phone.

The winner will get the opportunity to have its song, music video, ringtone and ringback tone released on Verizon's network. The band also will work with Verizon to produce a music video that will be released on V CAST, plus a ringtone and ringback tone of the winning song that will be available for purchase by Verizon customers.

Beginning tomorrow, any unsigned band on MySpace can submit an original song for the "Calling All Bands" contest. From the submissions, 15 semifinalists will be selected and the MySpace community of friends and fans will be able to listen and vote online for their favorite band from the contest page. The top five entries to receive the most votes will become finalists; the winner will be chosen among the finalists by Verizon and MySpace and will be announced on MySpace at the end of March."



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