Friday, February 17, 2006

MySpace/Helio: Under the Hood

Daily Wireless takes a deeper dig into the deal:

"Helio will feature MySpace Mobile at launch, offering mobile access to the MySpace community from Helio phones, including moblogging. MySpace On Helio will essentially give the 55 million MySpace users an opportunity to disconnect from their PCs and access their email, bulletins, profiles, blogs, and photos from their mobile phones.

The two phones are dubbed the Hero and the Kickflip. The Hero (previously known as the Pantech 8300) is a slider with stereo speakers. The Kickflip, made by VK Mobile, is a "pearlescent" phone with a spring-assisted swivel mechanism that opens in either direction.

Both phones are CDMA EV-DO with QVGA displays, 2 megapixel cameras, 70 MB of memory, microSD memory card slots, and speakerphone. All Helio phones will come with an MP3 music player, MPEG-4 streaming video, and Mobile Flash for interactive content.

It's still not clear which carrier Helio will use for spectrum -- Sprint would be the most likely candidate. What spectrum will Murdock will use for (yet to be announced) Mobile Video? One guess would be Intel-backed DVB-H from Modeo, the Crown Castle backed 1.7 GHz system.

Murdock's quad play may now be coming in focus; television (DirecTV), cellular (Helio), mobile video (Modeo) and for Mobile WiMAX it would likely use Sprint and Clearwire spectrum at 2.5 GHz."

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