Monday, February 20, 2006

Two Senate Community Wireless Bills

Via Smart Mobs, Sascha Meinrath covers the developments in the Senate last week. Seems to be the same post as MuniWireless's.

From the post:

"Two bills were introduced on Friday that would radically improve unlicensed wireless access. Both bills would greatly improve the general public’s access to the public airwaves. The first bill, “The Wireless Innovation Act of 2006,” is a major bi-partisan effort to line up Senators to support Community Wireless. The second, “The American Broadband for Communities Act,” is lead by Republican Senator Stevens and does much the same.

Both bills would open up TV broadcast bands (as proposed by FCC proceedings 04-186) within the next 180 days. These bills are particularly important because of FCC proceedings 05-312 (read the wireless communities' concerns about the 05-312 proceedings here PDF). The 04-186 proceedings are something that I and many other people have been actively working towards for quite some time. You can read our official comments on the 04-186 proceedings here. (PDF)"

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