Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Participatory Culture Foundation Releases D____ Player

It doesn't look like its up yet but today is the day PCF is suppose to release the windows version of its D_____ Player. PCF has four components:
  1. D____ Player: " Desktop application for watching internet TV. Intuitive interface. Free and open source. The centerpiece of our platform."
  2. VideoBomb: "Website for sharing videos, creating personal video channels, and filtering up the best videos online. A democratic playground for internet video."
  3. Broadcast Machine: "Software for publishing channels (RSS feeds) of video from your website. Installs easily, supports BitTorrent, creates a browsable gallery."
  4. Channel Guide: "It greets you when D_______ starts up. The Channel Guide is an open listing of internet TV channels-- video podcasts, vlogs, and much more."
From the Hype page:

"There's a world of amazing independent video out there and now there's an easy way to watch it. DTV is bringing internet TV to the fullscreen -- lean back and enjoy. Browse the built-in channel guide, subscribe to channels, videos download in the background, and DTV notifies you when they're ready to watch. Open-source and open standards means everyone can watch and everyone can create."



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