Tuesday, February 21, 2006

NFC at Giants Stadium

From Contactless News:

"AT&T Park Installs Contactless Readers From Hypercom; Lets Fans Pay Faster with the Same Security and Protections They've Come to Expect from Visa

The San Francisco Giants and Visa, a proud Giants sponsor since 1997, are making it easier for baseball fans to speed through concession lines at AT&T Park, now that it's equipped to accept Visa Contactless payment cards via 100 special terminals being installed by Hypercom Corporation.

"It is our top priority to create the best possible experience for our fans when they are at the ballpark," said Larry Baer, Giants executive vice president and chief operating officer. "We believe that with Visa's new Contactless technology, the fan experience at our games in 2006 will further be enhanced by faster-moving concession stand lines. We are pleased to be partners with Visa, and to offer the latest in payments technology at AT&T Park."

Visa Contactless technology has been growing in popularity. To date, there are 4 million cards issued worldwide and 20,000 accepting merchant locations in the United States. It is particularly useful in places where speed is important to customers and where cash has been the traditional means of payment. Besides sporting venues, the technology is well-suited for convenience stores - 7-Eleven has equipped all its U.S. stores with the technology - and for quick-service restaurants, gas stations, movie theaters, taxi and mass transit fares."

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