Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mobizines from Refresh Mobile

Via MocoNews, Refresh Mobile luanches a service called Mobizines for magazine publishers to get contgent to mobile phone.

From the Mobizines site:

"Mobizines allows you to receive your favourite content on your mobile in a rich internet like format. They look great, are quick and simple to use and because Mobizines is available even when you are not connected to your network, you can read it anytime, anywhere.

You can also read it as often as you like at no extra cost – you only pay for the original download, however often you re-read the same edition. Accessible whether you're travelling or just in the coffee shop waiting to be served or killing time before meeting friends - a great content snack!

They are good value too and much cheaper than traditional WAP services. You pay your operator access charges but use of Mobizines is subscription free! We highly recommend that you use one of your operator’s data bundles as these give great Mobizines value!

Initial SMS costs 1 standard SMS + 25p. This is a one-off charge to provide you the service which is FREE from us to you. This is not a subscription service. Only operator data charges apply."

Cost per month per Mobizine on a data bundle

Mobizine Data Per Month Cost Per Month Cost per Update Example Operator Tariff
BBC Headlines 480 kb 48p < ½ p Orange Pay Monthly Data Tariff
OK! 950 kb £1.50 3.5p O2 £8 for 5MB monthly bundle
ITV Mobile + ITV Guide 1500 kb £1.24 2p T-Mobile £5 for 6MB monthly bundle
TV Genius 360 kb 85p <3p Vodafone Pay Monthly Tariff

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can get the service anywhere by using this number;
text mobi timeout to 44 7624 806310
We're advising Refresh on mobile advertising models, and we're convinced this will be a major step forward for mobile marketing

February 10, 2006  
Blogger Robin Jewsbury said...

There are now 18 Mobizines to choose from. The latest are Pocket-Lint (Tech News/Gadgets etc) and Planet-F1 (formula 1 racing magazine).

March 13, 2006  

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