Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mesh Network Standards

So glad Daily Wireless is back. From the post:

"Big news at the IEEE mesh standards meetup last week in Denver, reports TelecomWeb and WiFiNetNews: a standard for mesh networking may be coalescing.

The new standard, 802.11s, will create a protocol for auto-configuring paths between access points over self-configuring multi-hop networks. With a standard, interoperatiblity between vendors may be possible.

Currently, all "city clouds" that use mesh networking to interconnect nodes use proprietary technology. Placing a multi-million dollar bet on one supplier is asking for trouble. A mesh networking standard would likely lower both risk and cost."

Mesh Vendors
Source: Network World

Vendor Product Radios for client access Radios for backhaul Ethernet ports
BelAir Networks BelAir 200 1 802.11b/g Up to 3 proprietary 5GHz Eight
Cisco Aironet 1500 1 802.11b/g 1 802.11a Zero
Firetide HotPort 3203 1 802.11a/b/g Same as for client access Two
Nortel Wireless AP 7220 1 802.11b 1 802.11a One
Strix Systems OWS 3600 Up to 3 802.11b/g Up to 3 802.11a One
Tropos Networks 5210 MetroMesh Router 1 802.11b/g Same as for client access One


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