Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Broadband Everywhere

Broadband Everywhere launched at the National Show.

From the site:

"Changes in technology are increasing competition by the day as entrepreneurs and telecom companies enter new video, broadband and telephony markets long out of reach. We want the rules to treat similar services the same to create the right incentives for investment, for innovation and for universal access. If done right, competition will skyrocket and consumers and the country will be the big winners."

The Mission:
  • Deregulation – Telecommunications policy should rely on market forces, to the extent practicable, in order to create the necessary incentives for deployment of broadband everywhere.
  • Uniform Rules – All providers of broadband and video services, regardless of technology, should play by the same rules for the same services on a level regulatory playing field.
  • Local Role ­– No one knows the needs of local communities better than local governments. This is a fundamental part of our system of federalism. Local governments should retain the core authority necessary to protect and further the interests of local consumers.
  • Municipal Broadband – Municipal governments should have the latitude to support local broadband networks and encourage their deployment in communities where the free market will not produce a broadband provider.
  • Tax Incentives – Government at the state and local levels should adopt tax policies, including credits and other incentives, for the deployment of broadband networks in unserved areas. This will help spur business development and investment, improve educational systems, create economic growth and improve the general quality of life in these communities.
Frayed at the Edges press release: (PDF)

Cyril Dadd, spokesman for Broadband Everywhere, issues teh following statement:

"There is an old saying that past is prologue. Its very fitting when it comes to the Bells broken promises about deploying new fiber networks. For over a decade, the Bell monopolies have been promising new fiber investments in order to get preferential treatment from lawmakers and regulators. The record shows that, in case after case, the Bell monopolies break those promises once they receive their legislative and regulatory favors, while leaving local communities in the lurch."

Frayed at the Edges: (PDF)


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