Monday, April 10, 2006

Pew Report on Teens and Technology

New from the Pew Internet Project a report on how teens use technology. The abstract is here, the full report is here. (PDF)

The author breaks out 8 key findings: (PDF)
  1. Millennials are a distinct age cohort, according to many measures of generational behavior and attitude.
  2. Millennials are immersed in a world of media and gadgets.
  3. Their technology is mobile.
  4. The internet plays a special role in their world.
  5. They are multi-taskers.
  6. Millennials are often unaware of and indifferent to the consequences of their use of technology.
  7. Their (our) technology world will radically change in the next decade.
  8. The way they approach learning and research tasks will be shaped by their new techno-world.



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