Friday, April 07, 2006

Modeo's New Phone

From the Modeo press release:

"The new Modeo phone provides a best-in-class multimedia experience that should impress even the most discerning TV viewer, while also delivering on a wide range of more traditional smartphone features and functionality," said Michael Schueppert, President of Modeo. "We're pleased to introduce a device with these innovative capabilities, combined with highly appealing contemporary design and aesthetics."

"The Modeo integrated DVB-H smartphone takes mobile TV to a new level," said Mark Baker, HTC Director of Americas Business Development. "While some multi-function devices are forced to make compromises to deliver a broader range of features, the use of industry-leading specialty assemblies and applications enables the Modeo handset to deliver impressive performance on every front."

"People are constantly juggling personal interests and professional tasks," said Chad Hodge, group product manager of the Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft Corp. "The Modeo DVB-H integrated handset uses the power of Windows Media technologies and Windows Mobile 5.0 to converge video, voice, data and productivity applications into a single device for familiar, on-the-go productivity and entertainment."

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