Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Map Applications Reviewed

TechCrunch has another great review, this time of mapping applications.

From TechCrunch:

"As popular as Google is, it is not the most well trafficked map service. It is virtually tied with Yahoo Maps (and the new Yahoo Maps beta product which we reviewed here). Comscore says that Google Maps had 19.1 million unique visitors in March, whereas Yahoo had 20 million. Both were dwarfed by Mapquest, with a whopping 46.4 million unique visitors in March, more than Yahoo and Google combined.Overall, Yahoo Maps was by far the best application tested. Its fast Flash interface, multipoint directions, live traffic information, and easy send-to-mobile feature make it the hands down winner. It also features the most robust API options."

From Scobleizer:

"Being candid - I had never thought much about maps until the last 6 months, but now I'm blown away by what is out there and eager to see what is to come. I'm really glad there are so many passionate cartographer out there! FWIW, my favorite map related thing is going by birds eye tourism to see shamu and the like."

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