Monday, April 17, 2006

Content D2C

Via MocoNews, The Beacon Journal has an article about content creators by passing carries and selling directly to consumers.

From the article:

"As commerce quickly goes mobile, some companies are finding the best way to sell ring tones, games and other entertainment on the move is to market straight to consumers.

Smaller companies are doing an end-run around carriers like Verizon Wireless or Cingular Wireless LLC by turning to bricks-and-mortar stores or off-line promotions, thus avoiding the fees associated with placement on mainstream mobile portal sites.

Nearly $1.4 billion globally, or about one-third of all digital content sales, went off-portal in 2005, according to Qpass Inc., which provides billing services for mobile commerce. And the off-portal share is growing, Qpass said.

"Our first suggestion to customers is to search our site, because it'll work the way you're expecting it to work,'' Cingular Wireless spokesman Ritch Blasi said. "If you go outside and that game doesn't play right on your phone, that's not something I'm going to guarantee.''

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