Thursday, April 13, 2006

Carnival of Mobilists #23

The Carnival is up at Wireless Data News Blog. As expected a number of posts about CTIA. Here's one I can relate too.

Michael Mace:

"Gee, the user interface on this phone really sucks.

That was the common denominator across almost every mobile phone I saw. The phone hardware was interesting, sometimes beautiful. But the phone software was generally unworthy of the effort and creativity being put into the hardware. It was gaudy, overfeatured, and extremely difficult to navigate. The more sophisticated the phone's hardware, the more impenetrable the user interface generally was.

This was intensely frustrating. It was like being served a beautiful five-course meal, and then finding all the food was made of wax. Or sitting down by a crackling fire to read a great book, only to find that all the pages had been glued together."



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