Thursday, April 13, 2006

Yahoo and Helio

Another deal from Helio. Russell fills us in:

" Hey, look at that! We finally announced that Helio and Yahoo! are working together on a bunch of services for their new handsets, including email and messenger as well as "one click mobile Search" which is pretty hip. This is great, now when some of the cool guys from Helio show up at Mobile Monday (like they did earlier this month), I don't have to whistle and stare at the ceiling any more. Check out the release for the official word.

And yes, I got to fondle a Kickflip before you did. W00t!"From the Yahoo press release:

"There are millions of people who use Yahoo! as their online hub of connectivity and who align with Helio's target market," said Sky Dayton, CEO, HELIO LLC. "By extending Yahoo! services to the Helio platform, we're giving these people the opportunity to access their information and connect with friends from virtually anywhere nationwide -- away from the PC -- all through a familiar experience."

"We're continually seeking new ways to keep our users connected to their community of friends and personalized content," said Marco Boerries, senior vice president, Connected Life, Yahoo!. "Helio's innovative service platform and 3G service allows our users to keep connected in new, unique ways including fast access to the best of the Internet, including Yahoo!'s powerful services, on their mobile phones."

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