Monday, April 17, 2006

History of Ads in EA Sports

Ilya Vedrashko has a series of amazing posts up about EA Sports and in-game ads. The information is great but the screen shots from all of those old games is super cool.

Here are a few 1983 - 1993:

John Madden Football, 1988, Electronic Arts. No ads in this first installment in the long and lucrative Madden series.

From 1994-1998:

FIFA: Road to the World Cup 98, 1997, Electronic Arts. In Windows version, ads for Gillette, Mastercard. Versions for other platforms don't seem to have third-party ads.

From 1998-2000:

Madden NFL 2000, 1999, Electronic Arts. Still no third-party ads in this installment.

From 2001-2002:

NCAA Football 2003, 2002, Electronic Arts (image: Gamespot). Compare the soccer stadium above with this ad-less football field.

From 2003-2006:

Madden NFL 06, 2005, Electronic Arts (image: Gamespot).

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