Wednesday, April 05, 2006

YouTube's Bowiechick and Logitech has a story up about a YouTube personality named Bowiechick.

From the article:

"The 17-year-old creator of the video "Breakup," uploaded to last month and viewed more than 300,000 times over the past two weeks, helped introduce Logitech Web cameras to scores of young people.

"I never thought anybody would watch my videos other than my friends," said Bowiechick, who's from Oregon and whose real name is Melody. (Her last name is being kept private because she's a minor.) "All of it is kind of overwhelming."

If Logitech was unwilling to pay Bowiechick, others are offering cash. In a phone interview last month, Bowiechick said that one Web site had contacted her and offered to pay her if she would mention the site in one of her videos. She declined to name the site.

So will she try to cash in on her new fame?

"I haven't decided for sure, but I don't think so," she said. "I'm not sure how I would do it if I wanted to. I never asked for all this attention. I just want to enjoy making the movies more than anything else."



Blogger Discus Head said...

It's interesting that you put up this story. I have some connections with bowiechick, and when this all happened I never realized how much publicity it actually had sparked. She hid it really well. It's neat to see a random plug about her still up even a few years!

June 06, 2009  

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