Wednesday, April 05, 2006

MocoNews at CTIA: Advergaming

Since I am not there I will have to leach off of others. From a pannel discussion on mobile gaming, MocoNews take notes an advergaming comments.

From the post:

"There’s a lot of problems, and ad-supported games are no panacea for the industry.

“Today it would be difficult if not impossible to pull off advertainment,” said Harry (Harry Kargman from Kargo.) “You need to be on the carriers’ deck and if they don’t get a piece of the ad dollar they’d never allow it.” Even if the games weren’t on the carrier deck, if they got wind of a lot of dollars going around without them getting a cut “they wouldn’t like it either”.

“Everyone is really nervous,” said Scott (Scott Jensen from mForma.) “When you say advertising and mobile in the same sentence it sends shivers down distributors’ spine.”

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