Friday, March 31, 2006

Google's Local Ads

John Battelle writes up a wine fantasy using Google Local Ad words.

From Google:

"Google AdWords is introducing local business ads, a new ad type that allows advertisers to promote location-based products and services to interested users worldwide (note: this service is available for business locations in the U.S, Canada and the U.K.). Local business ads appear with an enhanced map component on Google Local and in a text-only format on and other sites in the Google network.

Google's goal is always to offer users relevant information through our search results and advertising. Local business ads can help users by showing them products and services that are physically nearby, and help advertisers by providing a new way for them to reach more local customers."

From John Battelle:

"Not to worry, you’ve got Google Mobile Shop installed on your phone. You whip out your Treo 950, the one with the infrared UPC reader installed, and you wand it over that bottle of 2001 Clos Du Val now lovingly cradled in your arms. In less than a second a set of options is presented on the phone’s screen. It reads:

Clos Du Val Merlot, Lot 21
Stags Leap District, Napa Valley
Average Retail Price: $38 (click here for more)
Price at your store: $52 (more on this)
Click here for a list of prices at nearby stores
Click here for stores selling similar items
Click here for reviews of 2001 Clos Du Val Merlot
Click here for more on this vendor (Ecological Impact, Vendor Labor Policies…etc.) "

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