Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mobile TV: 36m Users by 2009

eMarketer has a new study predicting that there will be 36m mobile TV users by 2009.

From Media Week: ""While video on mobile phones is enjoying healthy usage worldwide, only three million U.S. users will watch any sort of video on their phones in 2006, says the report. Paid services that deliver premium video clips or live TV have only been adopted by between 300,000 and 400,000 users.

But by 2009, 36 million users will be watching video on their phones, according to eMarketer. Yet while video gains in popularity, the number of users willing to subscribe to paid premiums services will remain less than 10 million.

"Marketers shouldn't believe for a minute that either the mobile carriers or the content providers have cracked the business model, let alone the digital rights issues that will be crucial to migrate mobile TV from one market stage to the next," added John du Pre Gauntt, eMarketer senior analyst who authored the report."

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