Monday, March 27, 2006

MediaFlo's Mobile TV Plans

Business Week covers MediaFlo's plans for rolling out Mobile TV.

From the article:

"Later in the year, Qualcomm plans to offer the cell-phone industry's first broadcast TV service. Called MediaFLO, it is expected to include 20 channels of near-TV-quality programs, 10 music channels, and the cell-phone equivalent of a TiVo (TIVO ) in your palm, with the ability to store programming in the memory of your phone to be played back later.

The payoff could be huge. Within four years, as many as 26 million cell-phone users could be spending $3 billion a year on video subscription services, figures technology researcher IDC.

Three years ago, as TV companies were being pushed by the federal government to trade their analog spectrum for new digital signals, Qualcomm paid about $87 million for the nationwide rights to the slice of the UHF spectrum that had been reserved for channel 55. With plans to spend up to $800 million, Qualcomm devised compression technology to jam channels into that spectrum

"If we don't do this right," Paul E. Jacobs, CEO of Qualcomm frets, "there won't be TV on cell phones for two generations."

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