Monday, March 27, 2006

Alcatel and Lucent

Daily Wireless has a run down of the merger talks and this cool map.

From the post:

"Alcatel is in merger talks with smaller U.S. rival Lucent Technologies to create the world's biggest telecoms equipment company, with combined sales of 21 billion euros ($25.33 billion), reports Reuters, Light Reading and C/Net.

A combination with Lucent would allow Paris-based Alcatel to expand its presence in the U.S. market. A merger could create a company with the clout to withstand the market power of big telecoms operators, which are also joining forces.

U.S. telecom companies include:

From Om:

"The $34 billion merger of Lucent and Alcatel, if approved, will unleash a wave of mergers in the telecom equipment sector. Will Cisco merge with Motorola? What will happen to a host of smaller companies? This and more issues are covered in my story, Life after Lucent: telecom feeding frenzy, which is up on CNN Money website."

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