Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hollywoods take on Mobile Entertainment

Debra Kaufman has a great article up at the Hollywood Reporter that extensively covers the many mobile entertainment deals underway.

Highlights from the article:

"Everyone is staking out turf on the mobile airwaves. Studios, networks and other entrepreneurial content creators see mobile as "the next big thing" and are trying out numerous business models in order to devise winning strategies.

Mobile content offers many potential rewards, of which profitability is only one. Opportunities also exist in terms of creating synergy among platforms, reinforcing loyalty to TV programs and, of course, extending brands.

"We want to be anywhere kids are," Nickelodeon Digital Media executive vp Steve Youngwood says. "Our overall mission is about being on all platforms relevant to kids, and mobile is one of them. We're about being as ubiquitous as possible."

"The cell phone might be the screen you look at more than any other screen," Mobile ESPN vp product development John Zehr says. "It's critical that ESPN speak to sports fans that way."

CBS Digital Media vp wireless Cyriac Roeding cites a recent study that found that 64% of 25- to 35-year-olds always or almost always have a cell phone on their person. "This is the only medium you carry with you while you're using other media -- when you watch TV, walk down the street and see a billboard (or) listen to radio," he says. "It makes other media interactive."

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