Monday, June 12, 2006

MySpace Channels

Moving quickly to capture more ad dollars, Fox's MySpace is going to add "channels" to make advertisers more comfortable.

From Media Week:

"Already, MySpace has launched hubs geared for movie and book fans, with new channels for games and sports set to launch in the near future, according to Ross Levinsohn, president of Fox Interactive Media. The content for new channels will not be driven by Fox's editors, but by MySpace's expressive audience, said Levinsohn. "These channels are coming from what users are telling us," he said. "But they'll be controlled."

That control is important for mainstream brand advertisers, who continue to be squeamish about allowing their brands to be part of the free-for-all environment that MySpace is known for, despite its considerable popularity. To further address those concerns, MySpace hired Hemu Nigam, a former security executive at Microsoft as its chief security officer last month."



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